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Welcome to Furtherance Services

Our Vision

It is our vision to continually develop quality relationships with our employees, clients and their customers by creating a meaningful and tangible value for all. We’re continually setting standards of excellence in service delivery and this reflects our sincere dedication to our vision statement of creating value for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about putting customers first. Our mission represents what we do. Every new customer brings new learning opportunity. We listen to their needs and give them best solutions by taking ownership of problems. And by practicing innovation, we take our solutions to an extra mile.

What We Do

Our History

Furtherance Services Pvt. Ltd. offers qualitative and low cost outsourcing solutions to American companies. Twenty first century will witness the fall of big sized contact centers across the world. Consumers are developing niche requirements. Contact centers that are more focused on target market will grow business. Smaller the target market, core competencies develop faster.

Bigger organizations will find it challenging to keep up pace with customer interaction and satisfaction. Saturated markets are already witnessing the rise of smaller organizations that are more customer centric with a more focused approach on customer retention and satisfaction. Furtherance Services Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. was founded as a result of this displaced opportunity. In bigger organizations, innovation takes a back seat. At Furtherance Services, customer and client satisfaction is attained through continuous process improvement and innovation.

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